Vintage 1965 (?) Ford 65 Riding Lawn Mower Antique

Description :
VINTAGE/ANTIQUEFORD 65 RIDING LAWN MOWER This is a true piece of American history up for sale.... I have done as much research as I can.....and have come to find out.......there is little-to-no information on this rider. Ive contacted 'lawn mower groups' and 'vintage farm collectors'..... Nobody can say for sure what this is. This model is VERY similar to the one used/ridden by Tom Hanks if the movie"Forrest Gump"....except that one is a 'Snapper'. I can tell you the following: *there is rust but not enough that the frame/wheel wells are rusted through. Steel is thick and heavy. *there are parts (here and there) switches/handles. The engine seems to be there mostly but Im not certain. Im not an expert by ANY means. *there were some 'mechanics' or electrical unit that was under the seat....its not there there are open wires... *the vehicle rolls freely and wheels are not locked up and the steering wheel turns. *the blade is there. *tires are dry rotted (rear say 'nylon tubeless' and are "Arco" brand). Front tires are Goodyears. This rider has been sitting for decades!!! Serial/Model plate is intact: Reads: SERIES: 09HE-5356MODEL: 65SERIAL: 0089619ENGINE: 170705-1168-01TRANS AXL: 625-10-70 This Ford could make a very nice restoration project!!! THERE IS NO RESERVE!!!! AND A LOW STARTING PRICE!!!!! I am a trusted seller.My buyers say so.....Please read my comments. Happy Holidays. meme_of_maxi_moo_moo

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Seller Name: meme_of_maxi_moo_moo
Sale Price: $165.00
Zip Code: 30114
Location: Canton, GA

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Auction price: $165.00

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